Have you just lost a bid or a potential client because of your low safety rating? We can fix that! Did your WCB insurance just go up 40 per cent? We can fix that too!

In 2019, a safety dominated era took the forefront in the workplace. Legislation across Canada changed and in turn, COR requirements changed, which means potential clients hiring standard's changed. They went up, they are holding all of their contractors to an even higher standard when it comes to safety.

Many potential clients use computer programs that analyze a potential vendors safety program. Those results go back to the potential client in the form of a simple pass or fail, green or red. No other explanation given. If you pass, great, into the bidding pool you go. If you fail, you will not be considered for that project or future projects until that Fail is changed to an Pass and that red goes to green. 

So, a number of factors go into this process before the database gives that pass or fail. First of all as a potential vendor, do you even have a documented, successful safety program? Yes, well that’s a start. Do you track your stats? How many incidents and how severe have they been? TRIF still under 4? We are still doing good then. OH but wait, you’ve had 4 fender benders in company trucks the last year. You’re vehicle accident rate (VAR) just shot up to 10 per year based on the number of incidents and the number of KM driven. Sorry to say, although your manual is good, your TRIF is decent, your VAR is no good. "We only take on vendors with a VAR under 2. Try again next year."

We can fix that! Coastal Safety’s Consultants are experts in ISNet, SafetySync and ComplyWorks, when you hire us, you can rest assured you’ll stay in the green, be at low risk, get that Pass and reach a minimum of 80 per cent compliance on SafetySync.

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Heritage Roofing Ltd.
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The Murphy Group Corp.
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Coastal Safety are leaders in the safety sector here in Alberta. With professional formats and excellent instructors, we use Coastal for all our training needs. 

Coastal Safety has taken our company from non-compliance to proficient in COR. Our employees and supervisors have remained pro-active to Safety.